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Access to online learning

As a developing continent, Africa still faces major issues as far as online learning is concerned. These issues include:  Poor internet connection  Lack of ICT skills  Lack of training for facilitators  Digital illiteracy   Technological infrastructure, etc.   The importance of eLearning becomes even greater when we look at the economical issues faced and the advantages that […]

EdTech is for Africa: Instructional Design and Digital Teaching

Instructional Design, Educational Technology and Digital Teaching: Challenges in Higher Education in Africa  We know that most African Higher Education Institutions have implemented forms of blended or online learning. Consequently, there has been a huge growth in the need for learning design in Africa. According to recent studies, learning design and the creation of online […]

How To Mitigate Academic Misconduct

Durban University of Technology on How To Mitigate Academic Misconduct  When Remote Emergency Teaching was put in place, it was meant to be a temporary solution – a month, two months, at most three. It soon became clear, however, that this pandemic and consequent circumstances, were not just going to blow over. The rest, as […]

Improved Pedagogy Enabled by Gradescope

Gradescope is a Turnitin solution that enables quick and easy grading. This useful tool saves instructors time and lets them focus on teaching, which is the most important part of the learning process. It is undisputed that feedback is very crucial where learning is concerned. This is to help students know how they are doing, […]

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Turnitin Similarity – Plagiarism Prevention

Equipped to Fight Plagiarism “When a society’s educational institutions are infused with integrity, they help create a stronger civic culture for society as a whole.” International Centre for Academic Integrity The Age-old Challenge of Academic Misconduct Although universities and higher learning institutions have been fighting against academic misconduct among students, academics and staff, it remains […]

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Challenges Ahead for Educators in 2022

Predicted challenges ahead for educators that lecturers at South African Higher Education Institutions could face in 2022 The outbreak of Covid 19 worldwide placed the education sector in unfamiliar and uncertain times. Lecturers did not know what to expect and how they would continue with the academic year among hard lockdown periods and restrictions on […]

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Higher Education trends in 2022

It is no secret that technology is excelling at an unprecedented pace. These past two years have led to many shifts within higher education. Driven by the pandemic, educational technology has become the go-to solution in emergency remote teaching, but it has evolved into more than that. We unboxed the higher education trends in 2022 […]