A University of Pretoria Case Study 

The Neuro Agility Profile™ (NAP™) is rated as the first scientifically validated, neuro-agility tool in the world.  Based on the principle that “you cannot improve what you cannot measure”, the NAP assessment helps individuals understand their unique neurological design, and to optimise the drivers that impact their neuro-agility and brain health.  

What is Neuro Agility? 

Neuro-agility is the ability to think, learn and process information with ease, speed and flexibility.  

Does the  NAP™ tool work? 

We have seen several reputable organisations that have made use of the NAP™ with exceptional performance improvements as a result.  

Our case studies show that the tool offers specific, measurable, and scientifically validated results. We can confidently say that the NAP is the most valuable and successful assessment tool for identifying potential, developing talent, reducing risk for error and improving performance, engagement, wellness and happiness.  

Implementing the NAP at the University of Pretoria 

The NAP was implemented as a performance improvement intervention at the University of Pretoria. More than 200 third year physiology students participated in the assessment. 


The reason for the application of the NAP tool, was to assess whether neuro-agility training in a higher education environment would impact academic results. 


A group of 106 final year students went for brain performance pre-assessment (NAP™) at the beginning of the semester.  

Students were required to log 50 hours of neuro-agility training throughout the semester. 

These students were re-assessed on their brain performance at the end of the semester. 


  • A statistically significant difference on each driver that optimizes brain performance was recorded 
  • Students improved the drivers that impact their brain health and performance with 10,43% 
  • Students improved their learning skills with 9,43% 
  • Students achieved a 98, 2% pass rate – the highest pass rate recorded yet! 


NAP™ Tool Improve the Performance of Students

What was the Return on Investment Impact? 

100% of respondents stated that knowing the information provided in their NAP™ helped them with transitioning to a higher level of wellness. 

Using the findings from their NAP™, students improved the drivers that optimise their brain performance as follows: 

  • 11,3% increase in brain fitness
  • 11,2% increase in stress coping skills
  • 10,3% increase in brain friendly diet 
  • 6,93% increase in positive sleeping habits
  • 11, 6% Increase in positive attitude (mindset) 

Using the findings from their NAP™ , students improved their learning skills as follows: 

  • 8,95% increase in their general approach to learning
  • 12,2% increase in memory skills
  • 8,38% increase in reading skills 
  • 12.9% increase in note-taking skills 
  • 8,95% increase in listening skills
  • 9, 52% increase in concentration 


Using the NAP™ contributed to: 

  • Higher pass rates  
  • Better learners’ performance 
  • Accurate awareness of personal learning preferences 
  • Accelerated learning 
  • Increased ease and flexibility with learning and thinking 
  • Increased brain fitness, memory and concentration 
  • Improved brain health and wellness 

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