Aros approached Eiffel Corp to assist them with preparation to delivering an online course for their Post Graduate Education Certificate course from 2021. Their team requested professional help, as the focus on developing material to support fully online students, while allowing active engagement with students – required a different approach and skills from the team and developers involved in the process.

Eiffel Corp identified the need for skills transfer, and a financially sensible approach for a small institution not to outsource to a company to help and support them long term.  We, therefore, recommended that their team participates in our Digital Teaching eXpert course. Here we could instruct and show the team how they could take their usual content and move it online successfully. This would mean that they would be able to do so themselves going forward.

Aros LecturersContent Writers and SME’s attended our DTX course where we built in an engaged and integrated skills transfer development process with Nikki Williamson, our Instructional Designer and Training Facilitator. This approach meant that the course not only taught and equipped them with skills to teach online, but we could also share, help and support them with their entire online development process. 

The course and process were extremely well-received. We are happy to share some of their feedback. 

When asked which aspects of this training programme the team found most useful, we received some of the following responses. 

 General Comments:  


“All of the training.”  

“The exercises.” 

Course Content and Delivery: 

The practical assignments of the afternoon sessions, the well-compiled manual, but also the discussions during the synchronous sessions. 

I found the discussion forum and the activities we had to do on it very useful. We could also see what the other participants had done and comment on this. I learned from them and liked the discussions during the synchronous sessions. I loved that I could give my opinion on matters rather than just sit and listen to what one person thinks. 

 The online delivery via Microsoft teams and the flexible time aspect for completion of activities.  

The facilitator added personal and warm touch. She did well in contextualising the materials within Aros’ context, keeping in mind our situation, development focus and needs.  

The course also delivered clear instructions with guidance throughout the course. 

The valuable knowledge gained from learning how to combine learning with technology and how to structure effective learning for the student. 

The Value of Working with Eiffel Corp 

The training is of excellent quality and so is all interaction with your company.   I hope that AROS will be able to work with Eiffel Corp on more projects.  

Our relationship and work with the company have set Aros on a completely different path in terms of growth and quality. 

All in all, we are grateful that their team felt that it was an “excellent course”, “delivered at the right time.” That they could “learn so many new and wonderful things” and are “excited to implement this in [their] teaching.”

We enjoyed the training and working with such enthusiastic educators. The willingness to learn and participate in the course is what helped us deliver, “a very powerful experience.” 

Learn more about the Digital Teaching eXpert course. And master the latest in digital teaching and learning skills.  

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