Turnitin at Woodhill College

Turnitin at Woodhill College

As a teacher, one is always looking for better systems to assist in making marking easier. This is

currently my 19th year of teaching and I must say that I am really impressed by Turnitin. Not only

does it make marking easier, but it has changed my assessment strategies. It makes it so easy to

manage my pupils’ assessment as well track their strengths and weaknesses. It allows me to give

immediate feedback to my pupils without waiting to see them for the next lesson. Not only can my

pupils see my feedback but I can see who has accessed and read my feedback. The essay writing

process is no longer a struggle because Turnitin allows me to involve every pupil in self-assessment,

peer assessment and teacher assessment, both formally and/or informally.

Making use of Turnitin for almost 3 years I cannot see myself going back to checking lists for handing

in projects, spending hours checking for plagiarism and fighting with parents/pupils over not

receiving work.

I fully endorse Turnitin. It has given me time back that I can spend with my family.

Riana Pruis

Life Orientation Teacher

Woodhill College

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