Are you ready to reinvent your workplace learning and skills development?

Are you ready to reinvent your workplace learning and skills development?

(Eiffel Corp — April 15, 2016) —

Eiffel Corp can help your organization grow and succeed by developing your most important asset; your people. Eiffel Corp offers an extensive range of  world class learning technologies, including eLearning, training, development and research solutions, to improve your institutions performance, growth and productivity. Additionally, you can empower individuals and teams by providing them with the facilities to develop and gain new skills.


Whether you are interested in Microlearning as a Training Solution for your Employees’ shrinking attention spans, or you would like to understand how best to entice your young talented employees to stay, Eiffel Corp believes that effective learning solves the biggest challenges facing businesses today. With outdated learning, you’re training your top performers to leave and your worst to stagnate. We can help you develop e-learning strategies that reinforce your commercial and training objectives resulting in better recruitment, engagement and retention of staff that deliver better outcomes.

Eiffel Corp was founded in 1998 by two passionate visionaries with backgrounds in education. Today it is an internationally recognised eLearning and blended learning brand that delivers a range of holistic services and products within the global education marketplace. As a leader in educational technology and training solutions, Eiffel Corp is trusted and respected by customers, partners and educationalists throughout Africa and the world.

Eiffel Corp offers a number of solutions for workplace training and development:

An organisation’s workforce can become more engaged and informed through Blackboard’s learning and communication tools. There are four essential products that deliver flexible, personalised, and cost-effective training at anytime, anywhere.

Blackboard Learn delivers the technology, services and support of a virtual learning environment, while Blackboard Collaborate enables modern teaching solutions through powerful technology integration. Blackboard Mobile supports learning through contemporary, intuitive mobile interfaces, and Blackboard Analytics provides powerful, tailored and meaningful data reporting.

Moodle has been repurposed to deliver an even better eLearning experience with Moodlerooms. It is cloud-based, so all teaching and learning can be done on a reliable and scalable platform, without server maintenance or back requirements.

With 24-hour access from anywhere in the world, students can combine study with work commitments. The platform is easy for IT departments to maintain as there are no maintenance or hardware requirements, while an active support community provides solutions to questions of any kind. With a customised user interface, Moodlerooms fits in with your other branding, while still being interactive.

Grovo is a training management system with a difference. It grows and evolves with your company, making it the next evolution of workplace learning. From onboarding and orientation to professional development and specific technical skills transfer, our 60-second instructional tutorials are the ideal upskill training tool for the modern employee.

The microlearning content can be tailored to your specific requirements, empowering your business with the technology, content and service to educate and inspire your teams.

Chief Executive Officer, Ian Light says “At Eiffel Corp we are constantly re-imagining what effective learning looks like in today’s workplace. We offer world class products and services that create a inspiring workplace learning environment that matches the realities of our connected world. Increasing e-learning access and competence in South Africa has the potential to significantly impact the country’s workforce and private sector.”



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