In the ever-evolving landscape of education, The Invigilator stands out as a pioneering tool designed to uphold integrity in online and in-person assessments. Born from the challenges of the COVID era, this application has seamlessly transitioned to become an essential asset for both online and venue-based exams.

A Journey from Traditional to Technological

Historically, educational institutions relied on human invigilators for exam supervision and manual attendance. The Invigilator revolutionises this process by automating identity verification through advanced technology. It utilises a student’s master image for identity checks at exam venues and facilitates automated roll calls via QR code scanning. This streamlines the process and significantly reduces the costs associated with traditional invigilation methods.

Tailored for Today’s Educational Needs

The Invigilator offers two distinct versions: one for smartphones and another for PCs. Each is crafted to meet the diverse needs of modern educational institutions. The smartphone app is designed for wide accessibility, operating with low data consumption to ease the burden on students’ budgets. On the other hand, its PC counterpart works locally without needing a continuous internet connection and includes advanced features like video analysis and screen detection.

A Solution Beyond Borders

While proctoring solutions are often criticised for their high costs and device requirements, The Invigilator breaks these barriers, especially in the African context. It’s an all-encompassing solution, trusted by over 15 institutions, with a user base of 750,000 and a track record of 1.5 million assessments.

The Invigilator PC: A Leap in Online Exam Security

The PC version of The Invigilator elevates online exam security with a suite of risk-mitigation tools. It uses artificial intelligence to match uploads to a master image database. It incorporates video and audio recordings, GPS tracking, and anti-plagiarism measures, all while monitoring PC access during assessments.

Blended Learning and The Invigilator

In a post-Covid world, The Invigilator also supports blended learning. It encourages a mix of online and in-venue assessments, aligning with the need for flexibility in the current educational environment. This approach enhances learning experiences and ensures safety and continuity in education.


The Invigilator is more than just an app; it’s a testament to innovation in the academic sector. It’s a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable solution for institutions seeking to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. Interested in bringing this revolutionary tool to your institution? Contact our team for more information and join the proctoring revolution today.

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