Eiffel Corp Plants Trees with Food and Trees for Africa 

In the wise words of Ray Kroc, “We have an obligation to give something back to the community that gives so much to us.” One of our core values at Eiffel Corp is to do good. Therefore, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Food and Trees for Africa (FTFA), a non-profit organisation focusing on food security, urban greening and environmental sustainability. 

About the “Trees for All” Programme 

“Trees for All” is an award-winning programme that sustainably plants trees in shared spaces for a healthier and greener environment. This successful initiative educates communities about the benefits of trees while offsetting carbon emissions and transforming the surrounding environment. Trees for all plants and monitors fruits and indigenous trees at schools, hospitals, parks, clinics, aged homes and anywhere else people will benefit from, and look after trees. Eiffel Corp donated 50 trees which were planted in Gauteng and Western Cape.

Benefits of the Programme 

  •         Landscape transformation – beautification that builds community pride
  •         Encourages biodiversity and appreciation for nature
  •         Environmental and climate change education
  •         Food security, health and nutrition

Eiffel Corp & “Trees for All” Distribution 

Food and Trees for Africa has an extensive database of applicants needing their programmes. Through Eiffel Corp’s donation, FTFA was able to identify the best suitable beneficiaries. The first was Ikhaya Lothando Community Centre based in Tembisa, Gauteng, with 15 fruit trees and 10 shade trees. The second recipient was Jacobs Garden in Mitchells Plain, Western Cape, with 25 fruit trees. 

The Impact Made 

According to FTFA, the donation of 50 fruit and indigenous trees is contributing a great deal to help alleviate the problems associated with climate change. It also spreads and encourages environmental awareness and a healthier environment for under-resourced communities around South Africa. In addition, the supply of 40 fruit trees from the donation has contributed significantly to the long-term food security of the beneficiaries. 

Grateful Hearts 

“The staff at Ikhaya Lothando would like to thank and acknowledge Eiffel Corp for your valuable donation of trees. We appreciate the importance such a contribution makes to both our surrounding environment, and to the overall wellbeing of our pupils, our community.” 

We are delighted and incredibly honoured to have been part of this tremendous and impactful initiative. We look forward to planting more trees and growing our partnership with “Food and Trees for Africa”.