As in previous editions, Edtech Digest asked readers to weigh in on the following questions:
  • What is the state of education these days?
  • What is technology’s role in education?
  • What’s just ahead?

While it would be relatively straightforward to get a sense of ‘where things are at’ by a careful study of the numbers, this segment of the State of Edtech Report, some of the “Minds behind what’s now and what’s next’ simply shared exactly what their thoughts are.

These “minds” include Directors of Technology, district administrators, startup founders, CEOs, investors, teachers, students, education leaders, policymakers and others in and around education.

“Their voices stand alone, each one a point of view replete with its own experience and angle. But as a group, there is a certain resonance that begins to come through. How this sounds to you, our reader, is for you to decide. Listen closely, hear them out, and keep the conversation alive with your own leading voice!” Victor Rivero

We were honoured to have the thoughts of or Director of Digital Learning Services added to these voices:
“With the ever-increasing scope, capability and diversity in EdTech offerings along with the wealth of experience, competency and application at all levels, I see educators that are better placed than ever to make decisions on how technology can be harnessed to best serve their teaching and development goals. Indeed, educators are taking back the lead in the conversation on what EdTech innovation should be achieving for them and their students as opposed to being mere stakeholders in the decisions around which technology is used and how it is applied. Edtech promises greater outcomes, increased performance and simpler administration after all, but it should stay true to its aims by putting educators in the driving seat when deciding what’s best for their learners and programs.”

—Myles Thies // Director of Digital
Learning Services, Eiffel Corp (Page 18)

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