Designed and developed for the education industry, The Invigilator App is a cell phone tool used to monitor students during online and in-venue assessments. The main purpose of this application is to help mitigate any misconduct and maintain integrity in the education sector. While The Invigilator was initially developed for online assessments during Covid, it has proven equally effective for in-venue assessments. A simplified invigilation process has been made possible with the use of artificial intelligence.

Then vs Now

Before covid, institutions had to appoint human invigilators to monitor students during exams and manually capture names on the attendance register. What The Invigilator app does now captures all the necessary information to ensure that the correct students are writing their own assessments. In other words, their identity is verified with the app. The app captures the student’s master image, which is used to verify identity at the venue too. Students must scan the QR code before the exam starts, which allows for automated rollcalls. This helps institutions cut on costs of hiring additional invigilators for the in-venue assessments. Students are required to scan and upload their scripts at the end of an assessment which means instructors can start marking immediately and should the hardcopy be lost; the uploaded script will serve as backup. This is efficiency at its best!

Proctoring Solutions vs The Invigilator

Proctoring solutions may not necessarily be viable for the African context due to but not limited to the following reasons:

  • They require big-budget devices that most students may not be able to afford.
  • Proctoring is immensely expensive and may not be a practical solution for institutions with a large number of students.

The Invigilator, however, was designed especially for the African context. It is an all-inclusive solution that is used and trusted by 15 institutions with 750 000 users and has conducted 1.5 million assessments.

Why invest in The Invigilator?

  • It encourages the use of blended learning: As much as lockdown restrictions have been lifted, the Coronavirus is still present, so it would be advisable to have students on campus for exams only. The Invigilator encourages incorporating online assessments, and in-venue assessments still, i.e. short tests, MCQs, etc. Blended learning offers other great benefits (read:
  • The app works on an entry-level smartphone which most if not all students have access to.
  • It is light on data, fitting for a student budget.
  • The app’s features protect academic integrity, guaranteeing the credibility of assessments, and the integrity of the institution’s qualifications.


Want a much easier yet trusted and cost-effective way to invigilate in-venue assessments at your institution?