Turnitin – Feedback Studio

“Integrity gives you real freedom because you have nothing to fear since you have nothing to hide”. -Zig Ziglar

Unfortunately, there will always be students who take shortcuts and plagiarise. Some intentionally, others less so. Regardless of the intent, academic dishonesty disrupts an institution and brings disrepute to its qualifications. While there are various ways to assess the originality of a student’s work, such as copying and pasting strings of information into Google, these types of methods are time-consuming and not foolproof.

Our team at Eiffel Corp understands the importance of academic integrity for both educators and students. To tackle the culture of academic integrity, we partnered Turnitin to bring you their revolutionary solution in Feedback Studio.

What is Feedback Studio?

Checking for similarity – Not your average plagiarism checker

Feedback studio brings you the world’s most comprehensive collection of internet, academic and student chapter content. The extensive database ensures reliable results when checking students’ work for text similarity.

What is Similarity?

Feedback Studio does not set out to spot plagiarism in a student’s assignment. It checks the student’s work against the massive database. If it finds instances where text is similar i.e. matches writing in the database, it is flagged for the lecturer to review.

What can you do with Feedback Studio?

Turnitin’s Feedback Studio gives students immediate access to the information and the tools available in order to have a thorough marking and feedback process. This process shapes and develops students as original writers, boosting confidence and reducing the temptation to turn to plagiarism. For educators, Feedback Studio makes it easy to annotate work with comments and move between features and student papers during the marking process. Here is how:

Give meaningful feedback – Why limit personal interactions to the classroom?

Drag and drop QuickMarks, text and voice comments and automatic grammar checking provide personalized and actionable feedback to students.

Standardise grading – Don’t let grading fatigue get you down

Pre-defined or custom rubrics help instructors consistently evaluate student work and easily connect grading criteria to in-line feedback.

Integrated into your ecosystem

Feedback studio is designed to complement existing workflows through integrations with your LMS (Learning Management System), single sign-on partners and collaboration tools.

Why Feedback Studio?

Feeback studio is used by 34 million students and 15,000 institutions worldwide, including 80 of the top 100 universities globally.

Up to 16% of students worldwide admit to paying a third party to complete their work. Turnitin Feedback Studio with Originality helps you identify, escalate, and investigate potential cases of contract cheating.

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