Eiffel Corp, a leader in all things digital with a strong focus on education, recently won a tender for Academia (academia.eiffelcorp.co.za) for False Bay TVET College, a future-fit educational establishment situated in the Western Cape.

Academia is a world-class student information system, developed by Serosoft, an award-winning educational software company, proudly brought to you by Eiffel Corp.

According to Mark Cramer, Knowledge and Information Manager at False Bay TVET College, Academia, was the best fit for their specific needs and functional requirements. The flexibility and customisation of the software were exactly what the college was searching for to streamline the administrative requirements of the institution. “We shall implement fully-fledged online enquiry, application and registration processes which are currently all manual, paper-based processes,” explains Cramer. “This will make processes so much easier as the various portals will allow students, parents, academic staff and management to easily access the relevant information in real-time. It is the time-saving factor which we currently desperately need,” says Cramer.

“We are extremely proud to have False Bay TVET College as one of our newest Academia clients. We are delighted as to how well Academia has been received by the further and higher education market in South Africa and Africa.  As you may be aware, last year was a big year for us as we signed Stellenbosch University, ADvTECH and several other institutions across the country. Our clients see the value of having scalable and robust student information that comes at an affordable price when compared to other systems on the market,” says Ian Light (CEO Eiffel Corp). It connects all functions and departments in one seamlessly automated system removing the need for manual intervention as much as possible. It automates and streamlines workflows across all departments of the institution, improving processes and assists with accessibility to data which enables better decision making,” Light explains.

Cramer says that with implementation, all processes will be reviewed and customised according to the College and DHET standard operating procedures (SOPs) which means a reduction in manual processes and that all fields will be accessible in one place going forward. “All fields are customisable right down to individual need,” says Cramer.

According to Light, the comprehensive student information system streamlines the complete student life cycle from enquiries to graduation as well as the administration processes such as inventory, hostel and library. The solution is built on cutting- edge Java technology and is robust and scalable.

False Bay TVET College will fully integrate all processes from Enquiries to Alumni related matters, including the incorporation of all previous data systems, Cramer concludes.