The use of digital platforms to deliver teaching and learning is fast becoming the norm. Many instructors are adept at using personal digital devices and associated platforms. However, transferring the use of digital devices and platforms into the teaching and learning environment requires a slightly different approach. This is what this course is about.

As well as being the main resource for our Digital Teaching and Learning Essentials course, our DTX manual has been designed to act as a handbook that will continue to assist you in the process of designing and developing both blended and fully online courses. The content is based on the real-world experience of our instructional designers and trainers who are constantly involved in instructional design, the development of online courses and the facilitation of courses such as this one, at a number of higher education institutions in South Africa.

We are sharing Unit 2 of our DTX manual, free to use internally at your institution.

DTX Manual Unit 2: Free Download

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