“These tools offer personalised feedback and enable educators to assess a student’s progress over time. Turnitin is used by more than 30 million students at 15,000 institutions in 140 countries.

Furthermore, Turnitin believes in authenticity and promoting integrity through their products. Therefore, as a company, they constantly review their own products, responding to the needs of the academic sector and are willing to change their products accordingly.

The Turnitin Team

Turnitin has a global mindset and therefore keeps different perspectives in mind and celebrates the diversity of the countries they work with. Their team acts as a united force, tackling academic integrity, knowing the impact they have on the world through their solutions.  Turnitin’s team has a passion for learning; and so also for helping educators and learners around the world. They are committed to their own learning and growth internally too, upholding their corporate social responsibility to education.

In short, Turnitin is known for their ability and focus as a company to constantly innovate and adjust their products to meet the clients’ needs within the changing education environment.

In response to their clients and the various needs and priorities, Turnitin has a range of products and solutions, that combine to create the ultimate academic integrity force.

We would therefore like to illustrate how these offerings function on their own to meet specific needs, but also how they can be combined as a complete solution.

Turnitin’s Products

In its essence, Turnitin provides a high-quality plagiarism detection tool, designed to be tightly integrated into your learning environment.

By comparing submissions against the most comprehensive database of known sources, Turnitin Similarity can help identify direct text matches as well as text manipulations meant to circumvent plagiarism checks.

Turnitin Originality keeps integrity at the core of all student work. Rise above basic text similarity checking with a solution designed to constantly address emerging trends in misconduct. Turnitin Originality has easy to use panels that go deeper into the document and provide actionable insights to instructors to support a responsible scholarship for their students and their institution.

Turnitin Feedback Studio safeguards academic integrity. Feedback Studio combines cutting edge tools with curricular resources to deter plagiarism, teach the value of authentic writing, and protect your institution’s reputation. Educators can save time on grading and feedback. Empower instructors with commenting and grading tools that make the feedback process faster, easier, and more consistent. Track and analyse student progress to inform instruction and support strategic initiatives throughout your institution.

Integrity and authenticity are not bookend concepts that should only be addressed at the beginning and end of a project. When educators are able to give students an opportunity to embrace their integrity and authenticity throughout the process by guiding them through likenesses and analysis in the formative space, they can help them to understand how to improve and grow.

Education with Integrity: Turnitin

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