As February comes to an end, there is some extent of relief for the staff of administration in Higher Education institutions. Students should, by now, be registered and finding their feet around their new schedules and campus environment. But did registration and all the management processes that go with it, run smoothly?

There is no downplaying the level of management that is required when it comes to registration and student admissions. In South Africa, we have our own set of challenges. The reality is, the more efficient the registration process, the less stressful or taxing it will be for both institutions and students. Of course, the nature of admissions and registrations entails labour intensive processes with many extensive parts to be considered. Students rarely stick to their original module choices, their personal data must be double checked, academic history, as well as financial aspects all, fall within this process. While a solution that simplifies this process seems impossible, there is a viable one available that simplifies automation and increases the efficiency of student admission and registration management. Here is how.

A solution in the form of a Student Information System allows the automation of an institutions management system. While it speaks to every part of the student lifecycle, it by no means neglects any part of it. It offers a complete solution for each step or phase of a student’s time at the institution – including admissions and registrations. Academia SIS has a module that handles registration and admissions processes for both new and existing students. This module allows members of staff to supervise the admission and registration process of all students, and stores all relevant information associated with them, in their profiles. This would include their family details; previous schooling information; academic records; birth certificates; financials (who is responsible for accounts); blood group; physical details; vaccination details; conduct/behaviour; identity photographs and many more details. Aside from linking all personal information to a profile, your institution can also keep track of all fees paid, assign a course or class to them, along with their student number.

Of course, student registration goes hand in hand with student admissions, which is a module to be discussed its own.

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