It has been a rough start to the Academic year in South Africa. This is not the first year that institutions have been faced with more than the usual administration challenges with registration. In fact, some campuses have come to a complete standstill for a second or third time. South African institutions face major challenges. High demands for further education combined with a lack of funds for registration, student fees, accommodation and food even. Our student financial aid scheme cannot keep up with the demands.  Without finalising the registration process, most institutions cannot move forward with the academic year.

Registration involves a high level of management and labour-intensive processes. How can Academia SIS (student information system) help your institution

Automates the Process

With Academia SIS this entire process is automated. Admins staff no longer have to spend time on collecting and collating documents and forms – the student registration and admission management system sorts out the forms and stores them in a digital format for easy access. Payments? Done! The SIS sends out automated invoices, payment receipts, acknowledgements and reminder emails when needed.

Keep up with students

Students rarely stick to their original module choices.  With every registration, a student’s personal information has to be double-checked, along with their academic history and financial records. With an SIS this process is simplified through automation.

The system also allows user to map students to specific programmes and courses, set their enrolment per semester or show faculty-specific enrolment in departments and courses.

All information in one place

Academia SIS’ Registration Module handles the entire process of registration, ensuring the latest information on each student is stored in one central place. All details are associated with the student’s profile are collected and collated – including, but not limited to: their family details; previous schooling information; academic records; birth certificates; financials (who is responsible for accounts); blood group; physical details; vaccination details; conduct/behaviour; identity photographs.

Aside from linking all personal information to a profile, your institution can also keep track of all fees paid, assign a course or class to them, along with their student number.

Interested in to find out your registration process could be improved? Contact us for a demo.