iThenticate is the most trusted plagiarism checker by the world’s top researchers, publishers, and scholars. It facilitates the upload and checking of documents via a web-based interface that is quick and intuitive. It differs from Turnitin, in that submissions are not stored in a database (view the comparison below for more iThenticate and Turnitin). Instead, articles are checked and reviewed against the top 93 sited Journals in the world – online.

We recently asked Mangosuthu University of Technology about their choice to roll out iThenticate at their institution as a tool to reduce plagiarism.

Why did you choose iThenticate?

The aim was to reduce plagiarism among both students and staff. We wanted to start putting together advanced resources to help us. iThenticate promised to offer advanced services to help us support advanced diploma and post-graduate courses.

Where do you see MUT in the near future?

The university hopes to improve student writing, discourage plagiarism and promote academic rigour. The number of advanced diploma and post-graduate programmes is increasing. It is therefore expected that research programmes will be increasing too. We would like to promote and maintain academic integrity.

What challenges have you faced, specifically regarding research and academic integrity and what motivated you to solve them?

Students generally come to the university under-prepared for the academic programmes. The focus of teaching and learning tends to be on increasing the pass rates and through-puts. The temptation to take short-cuts by students is always there.  There is a need to improve the reputation of the institution and increase the quality of its graduates. Therefore, the appropriate efforts to support at-risk students, offer tutorial support to students, and to focus on academic and information literacies have been put into place.

What would you say to other institutions facing the same challenges as you do?

While our roll out and full implementation experience of iThenticate have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we would encourage other institutions to make a start.

Our students have shown a great deal of appreciation for getting useful feedback to identify areas in need of improvement.

The amount of work involved in getting academic departments to buy into the software is worth it. Our approach has been to offer ongoing support to enroll, train and guide students and staff.

Why did you choose Eiffel Corp to help you with your Academic Integrity journey?

Having worked with Eiffel Corp in the past on our Learning Management System and other services and products, we felt confident in working with their team to roll out iThenticate for us.

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