Deciding on a Student Information System is no small feat. While it can change management processes for the better, there are various factors to take into consideration. The system helps institutions manage student data – from registering students to documenting grading and assessments and communicating across the board. The system also provides a central point where all information is collected and processed.  

One of the major questions institutions have is whether to store this information/data on an institutional server or in the cloud. With security being a concern no the one hand, as well as ‘space’ to store data. While hosting on a local server may seem like the ‘safer’ options, there are various advantages to opting for a cloud host. According to Serosoft Solutions, 62% of the higher education IT leaders say cloud is vital to their institutional future competitiveness and reduced cost with an average saving of 21%. Here are a few key benefits of a cloud-based SIS.  

Virtual Space 

A big advantage of hosting data with a cloud service provider is space. Access to more space means that institutions can handle higher volumes of inquiries and admissions. This reflects directly on the performance of the institution. 

Saving Costs 

From an operational perspective, there are clear financial benefits to host data on a cloud-based server.  From the outset, opting for a SIS based hosted on a cloud server saves an institution in capital expenses, from equipment cost to human resources, as well as on-premises deployment. Institutions can also save on infrastructure costs, as storage of servers requires a specific environment and security. Servers may also require on-site visits by IT technicians, maintenance and on-site upgrades. The cloud allows for easy access to upgrades, is instantly scalable and users can be added or removed as needed at the click of a few buttons.


While the perception could be there that the cloud is not as secure as a server room, it has actually become the better option when it comes to security. Security used to mean locking a server room or implementing long passwords, but today it means protecting data 24/7. Using a reputable cloud-based service provider warrants better security. Each aspect of a SIS needs to be protected with a holistic approach to minimise natural, human or technical disruptions. With the cloud-based server, these considerations are a given. 

Ease of access 

The cloud allows for immediate sharing of information and operating systems across the institution. It offers instant visibility, a standardised administrative process and the opportunity to roll out any changes across the board immediately.  

From user experience, institutions have had challenges with regards to data maintenance or management on their own data center. That is why a cloud server with data backup offers a solution that can benefit an institution on every level. Academia SIS offers the option of cloud base operations and therefore Institutions are able to optimise the application of their resources, increase productivity and profitability.  

Why not contact us today to learn how Academia SIS can help your institution save time and resources, increase the security of data and enable efficiency – whether through cloud-based servers or optimised integration with your LMS.