Increase Technology Adoption

Increase Technology Adoption

What does it take to drive successful technology adoption? Institutions recognise how new technology can enhance the learning and teaching experience for staff and students …

Increasingly they are looking to technology to support them in achieving their strategic goals. However, there are a range of obstacles to the adoption of technology that institutions must overcome. Change of any kind is daunting, particularly when dealing with long-established methods and systems. Success depends on shifting entrenched culture and attitudes.

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This eBook shows how to make it happen, suggesting practical tips, ideas, resources and real-life examples. We’ve built the story around six key characteristics required of a successful adoption project:

1 Leadership from the top

2 Institutional commitment and investment

3 Robust and reliable infrastructure

4 Effective and available support for academic staff

5 Ability to demonstrate the benefits to the student and staff experience

6 Evidence-based decision-making and a continuous cycle of improvement

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