Exams are stressful for students! But probably even more so for lecturers and staff members.  For examinations to run smoothly, there are processes that need to be followed. Several channels of communication are pulled into these processes, and ultimately, there should be a central point where these processes are managed. If any of the links in the chain is broken, examinations will be disrupted. An automated examination process can streamline examination management, ensuring efficient processes.

Student Information Systems like Academia SIS, offer an examination module that covers all the activities relevant to examination management. It covers the enrollment process, examination forms, eases the processing of results and even prints out certificates. With analytical features, the examination module also generates statistical reports. The module helps with setting up an exam table too and allows for the creation of test papers and even handles logistics like allocating invigilators to specific exams and venues.

The best part of Academia’s examination module is that it is not an isolated feature. As this is part of the SIS, the module links to the student database, which means it becomes seamless to pull up any information regarding the student. Simply by filling out an identification number on the enrolment form, examination results are directly connected to the student’s profile.

This module offers a  systemic workflow for managing examinations from start to finish. It literally offers help from pre-examination setup to assessment and marks to pulling up different reports.


Image Source: Academia ERP – Examination Management Module

When your examination processes are automated, you streamline all functions, saving you time and energy. It also reduces the need to duplicate work and prevents errors. The automation process allows you to monitor a student’s progress more efficiently, which improves learning outcomes. Through simplifying the exam process, there are less manual processes, as well as less paper! And not only is the process simplified, but it is also more secure – with settings that authorise unique users to access certain levels, meaning sensitive information data is protected.

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