Change of Leadership at Eiffel Corp

As a leading player in the African education technology sector, we are thrilled to announce the appointment of Stefan du Plessis as the new Chief Executive Officer of Eiffel Corp. This leadership change was shared on Monday, the 4th of September 2023. Over the last 25 years, Eiffel Corp has only ever had two CEOs. Therefore, this transition is a pivotal moment in our journey to further our growth and expansion initiatives across Africa and beyond.

Stefan is a seasoned professional within the company and has been promoted from within to assume the CEO role. With his extensive experience in the African Higher Education space, Stefan brings a deep understanding of the EdTech landscape and a visionary approach to lead Eiffel Corp into a new era of success.

Under Stefan’s leadership, we will continue our commitment to excellence, innovation, and accessibility in education. Building on the solid groundwork established by our leaders, Stefan is poised to lead us to even more significant achievements across the African continent and globally. As we stand at the cusp of new opportunities and growth under Stefan’s guidance, the future of our narrative continues to look promising.

Driving Growth and Expansion in Africa and Beyond

Stefan is taking the reins to grow Eiffel Corp’s footprint across Africa and internationally. This move is a natural progression of our unwavering commitment: delivering cutting-edge, affordable solutions to educational institutions and ensuring students thrive.

“Stefan du Plessis’s appointment as CEO is a testament to our commitment to fostering talent within our company. His deep understanding of our values, goals, and the unique challenges of the EdTech industry will undoubtedly accelerate our journey towards creating a positive impact in education,” said Andre Van Der Merwe, Eiffel Corp’s co-founder.

Our Focus: Innovation and Impact

Stefan expressed his enthusiasm to leverage Eiffel Corp’s inherent strengths, pushing the boundaries of educational technology and related services across the continent and beyond. We believe his leadership will further bolster Eiffel Corp’s legacy of providing high-quality educational solutions.

“I am honoured and humbled by this opportunity to lead Eiffel Corp as we embark on an exciting phase of growth and expansion. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower learners, educators, and institutions across Africa and beyond,” remarked Stefan.

Our Eiffel Corp team is thrilled to welcome Stefan as the new CEO, and we are confident that his strategic insights and leadership will continue to drive our company’s success.

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