Market trends for software selection have moved from full Student Information Systems to Best of Breed Systems. Specifically, ones that place emphasis on seamless integration of other systems, to streamline business processes in the universities. If the integration is not effective, it can lead to data duplication and frustration. In practice,  it would actually mean that the SIS causes complications rather than streamlining the processes.

This challenge highlights the importance of seamless interfaces and integration of an SIS with existing management software systems.

The Academia SIS does exactly this. The system offers easy integration of software and complete customisation of interfaces for optimal day-to-day administrative operations.

This includes integration of:

  • Your Learning Management System (LMS): Seamless integration between the Registration and Student Marks in the Academia
    system to proprietary and open-source Learner Management systems. This includes LMS systems like Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas LMS etc.
  •  Student Fees data to another Financial Management system, eg: Oracle.
    All student debtor functionality is available in the Academia system which leaves the institution with a choice of integration on detail or summary level.
  • Other Systems: Apart from existing platforms for integration, the Academia team has a knowledge base for ad-hoc integrations to fit the individual requirements of the university.

In addition to integrations, the system allows for complete customisation and configurability of your screens and reports.

In the webinar recording below, we demonstrate how easily your institution can adjust wording and information to relate the terms your institution uses to your system.

Configurable screens and reports mean you can add and hide fields to adjust to your institution needs (at no extra development costs).

The system allows for:

» CRM embedded screens and reports, with means of effective communication to students and other stakeholders
» A student app already included in communication methods
» Various portals relevant to university stakeholders
» Reporting and management information – generate and customise reports including user-definable dashboard


Below is the recording of our second episode that covers Customisation and Integration of Academia SIS with your existing systems.

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