Celebrating Women in Education: Clare Reilly 

A group of women demonstrating during the march on 9 August 1956. Image: Twitter 

South Africa celebrated its first National Women’s Day in 1995. This day was declared a holiday as part of the remembrance of all women who united as one voice on 9 August 1956. Their motivation? To protest the norm, to speak up against injustice and to show the power of joining hands to do so. Today we celebrate this day in remembrance of these brave women, but also all brave women who have made a difference and are still contributing to positive change in our society.  

With Women’s Day in mind, we are celebrating women in Education. Those who strive to make a difference through their work within the Education sector. Through their daily contributions, they inspire us to be the best we can be, no holds barred. And where better to start than at home! Eiffel Corp’s General Manager: Marketing and PR, and creative brain of our team – Clare Reilly. 

Clare Reilly – Sales and Marketing Manager at Eiffel Corp

Clare has been with Eiffel Corp for half a decade! Motivated by her interest in the world of educational technology, she ventured into unchartered territory to learn about and understand the impact of technology on education.  

She found her passion in the opportunities Education offers in reaching one’s potential, “Education is the door to opportunity, without this foundation a person will never know what they are capable of and can achieve.” 

While working within the digital world, Clare enjoys working with people, especially meeting new people and teaching them about this fascinating sector. Driving thought leadership through Eiffel Corp resonates with her, with the hope of making a “small” difference in the world. 

And this difference is clearly visible through the impact of Eiffel Corp’s products has had on the clients Clare has worked with over the years. “In my time I have seen numerous lecturers and teachers become champions in the digital learning sector and engaging students in ways they never thought possible.” 

As a woman in a leadership role, Clare believes it should be a priority to empower and teach young girls of today. 

“We need to band together to support and empower one another. Education is a gift that no one should be without…”