In this episode, we discuss all things Automation and what this means for the future of education. We are joined by Professor Mzukisi from the University of Johannesburg who shares his knowledge and research findings on this broad topic.

Automation in Education

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has infiltrated our minds, subsequently, provoking our thoughts and somewhat making it a prerequisite to understand what it is, and what is aims to augment and, in some cases, to replace.

What creates the fear we see? Do the various and often controversial conversations include the discussions on the impact and effectiveness automation would have within the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

In this episode of The Blue Couch, we unpack the topic of automation. Firstly, we establish what it actually is;  secondly what it means and more specifically its impact within the education space. We are joined by Professor Mzukisi from the University of Johannesburg, who tackles this topic and shares his knowledge with us on all things ‘Automation in the Education’ sector.

We discuss important topics around Technology, Education and Innovation. Given the fact that we are Fanatical about Learning, we aim to deliver realtime information about the world of education and technology.

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More about our guest speaker:
We were honoured to have Prof Mzukisi, Associate Professor & Vice Dean: Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Law, from the University of Johannesburg, join us in this episode of our podcast. Prof Mzukisi is also a member of the South African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS).
Prof Mzukisi is an expert in Information and Communications Technology Law, a Law 4IR professional, a researcher and a teacher. He holds a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry.
His expertise and skills include E-Learning, ODeL, Research and Lecturing. Prof Mzukisi is a strong education professional with a Doctoral (LLD) Degree in IT Law, Masters (LLM) Degree in IT Law, Law Degree (LLB), Certificate in Labour Dispute Resolution and Certificate of Emerging Leaders (University of Johannesburg).