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2021 MEA Business Awards Winners: Eiffel Corp Recognised as eLearning Innovators of the Year in Africa

United Kingdom, 2022– MEA Markets magazine has announced the winners of the 2021 MEA Business Awards We are honoured to share the news that Eiffel Corp has been recognised as the eLearning Innovators of the Year – Africa (for 2021). Running consecutively in its fifth year, the MEA Business Awards programme acknowledges and celebrates diversely […]

Digital Education Trends in 2021

The continued effects of the Covid-19 pandemic play a strong part in how the trends in digital education have developed over the last 12 months. Entering into the new year, we should see consolidation around these with many of the same aspects from 2020, some of which were around before education was plunged headfirst into […]

Reflecting on 2020 – University Panel Discussion

The year 2020 has been one of the most globally disruptive periods in living memory. Apart from a significant loss of life through the virus itself, Covid-19 has brought about tectonic shifts in the way that people live, work and learn. In this discussion, we heard from diverse voices, both near and far, about the […]

UJ Introduces a Fully Online Degree in International Accounting

In June 2018 the University of Johannesburg announced a handful of fully online courses as additional offerings to their existing contact courses. This formed part of their commitment to remain leaders in technology-enhanced learning opportunities, aligned with the 4th Industrial revolution. With the sudden lockdown of the country in March 2020, several universities had to […]

The Truth About Academic Integrity and Remote Emergency Teaching

Magriet de Villiers is an Advisor in Learning Technologies at Stellenbosch University’s Centre for Learning Technologies. She has a keen interest in political philosophy and public theology and she is currently doing research on the work of Hannah Arendt’s understanding of critical thinking and judgement through this lens.  Magriet has a passion for and interest […]

Why Academia Series 2: Cost Efficiency

In the fourth instalment of our “Why Academia” webinar series, we discussed the cost efficiency of this sophisticated student information system. Join Hanlie Spangenberg as she demonstrates how Academia-SIS fits into the time-money-quality equation. “Cost efficiency is the ability to use fewer resources (cost) to achiever greater output.” Learn how you can achieve this with […]

Why Academia Series 2: Customisation and Integration

Market trends for software selection have moved from full Student Information Systems to Best of Breed Systems. Specifically, ones that place emphasis on seamless integration of other systems, to streamline business processes in the universities. If the integration is not effective, it can lead to data duplication and frustration. In practice,  it would actually mean […]

Why Academia Series 2: SIS Enhanced User Experience

Why Academia SIS: Enhanced User Experience Academia SIS is a robust, feature-rich, analytics-equipped and user-friendly Student Information System (SIS). This System is built on cutting-edge and flexible architecture. Besides the obvious advantages of an information system that is built on the latest technology architecture, it also boasts highlights that are integral to a best-of-breed system. […]

Manage the Change when Implementing an SIS

Over the past month, we ran a series of webinars that discussed the different benefits and features that Academia SIS offers. The series included the following topics: Enhanced User Experience Customization and Integrations Technology and Hosting Cost Efficiency Manage the Change when Implementing an SIS Below is the last webinar in this series, hosted on […]