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At the heart of the University of Venda (UNIVEN) lies a vision and mission that resonates with growth, empowerment, and global competitiveness. With 25 years of experience in higher education, specifically focusing on Learning Management Systems (LMS), Eiffel Corp’s offerings are perfectly positioned to align with UNIVEN’s strategic vision, mission, and core values, especially around student engagement. 

Welcome to UNIVEN’s personalised resource hub, designed to streamline our continued partnership. Delve into a curated selection of resources, from detailed service insights to actionable tools, all aimed at fostering UNIVEN’s growth. Within this portal, you’ll find everything needed to make informed decisions, including direct lines to your dedicated Account and Customer Success Managers for tailored support.

As you navigate through your custom content, know that we’re committed to providing you with a seamless experience. For any further information or to schedule a deep-dive session into our solutions, please reach out through the provided contacts. Let’s embark on this journey of collaboration and success together.

Resources For You

Cloud Computing

Selecting the right cloud provider is a critical decision that can shape your organisation’s future in the digital landscape. To help you, we have compiled a brief comparison between Azure and AWS Cloud. AWS also leads the pack on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Read more here .

Why AWS?

AWS offers the most suitable environment for running our preferred open-source technology stacks. Moreover, the comprehensive guidance from AWS on best practices means our cloud-based services are designed for optimal performance from the ground up.

Our Offering

Explore how Eiffel Corp, in partnership with AWS, is transforming African education through the cloud-based offerings. Learn about the scalable, secure, and innovative solutions making education accessible and future-ready across the continent. Watch the video for more insight.

Transform with Steps to Mastery

At Eiffel Corp, we continuously seek ways to create unique solutions to cater to your institution’s needs. We understand the drive for Digital Transformation in higher education. In response to this need, we are proud to offer you our updated Steps to Mastery Programme. For a quick overview visit our blog here. For detailed information download our brochure, click on the button below.

What is STM all About?

STM is a comprehensive framework that guides institutions through the complexities of implementing a successful digital teaching and learning strategy. The framework is developed through an interactive, collaborative process, involving all stakeholders to ensure the best results. Watch the video for a better understanding of STM, its core focus areas and outcomes. For more information, visit our website.

Free Sample Assessment

This complimentary module focuses on one of the six guiding themes in our STM framework – Teaching & Learning. Our consultative, self-evaluation approach used for the STM programme, covers all six of the themed criteria and sub-components in our evaluation matrix, and is paired with facilitated assessment, guidance and reporting.  Begin your free sample assessment now.

Our Client's Success Stories

UJ Transforms Course Content with DTX

To ensure that The University of Johannesburg (UJ) continues to contribute to the development of the African continent through higher education, lecturers needed a better understanding of the underlying theoretical concepts within digital teaching and...


Quality Assurance For Blended Courses At Wits​

Wits always strives to ensure its course content delivery quality. To meet the demands of technology, they’ve had to transform their traditional contact-based approach to education into a blended format that combines online and in-person...


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Chiro Park

Need support with your LMS? Meet Chiro Park, our Moodle Enterprise LMS Customer Success Manager. Chiro is a highly skilled in digital teaching and learning with extensive experience in the field of learning management systems (LMS).