Steps to

Digital Education Strategy Development

Rebranded from the Steps To Maturity to the Steps To Mastery programme to reflect the maturing competencies that institutions have identified, and are working to improve, post the recent pandemic, the STM is a far reaching and effective means of identifying strengths and areas of development within an organisation’s digital education strategy.


Our Framework for Facilitating Digital Transformation

Divided into 16 categories or criteria, within a framework of six themes, the STM encompasses a wide and diverse array of criteria that have an impact on the capability of an institution to develop, design, support and innovate within the spheres of digital learning and delivery all the way through to the technical and business considerations.

  1. Technology & Cloud
  2. Apps & Platforms
  3. Innovation & New Technology

  1. Strategic Intent/Alignment
  2. Culture & Community
  3. Work Readiness & Alumni

  1. Digital Skills and Professional Development
  2. Resourcing & Institutional Capacity

  1. Digital Learning Alignment
  2. Research & Academic Qualification
  3. Learning & Development Projects & Processes
  4. Quality & Evaluation
  5. Teaching & Learning Support

  1. Data & Analytics

  1. Budgets & Finance
  2. Third Steam Income


Framework Themes

The 16 criteria that are outlined in the STM wheel are categorised into a framework of six guiding themes. These themes form the structure in which the STM assessment is segmented and approached.


What approach is the organisation taking towards the adoption and use of existing and innovative technology to support teaching, learning and research?

How is the organisation gearing itself towards responsive and secure cloud technology adoption so that it can fulfil its objectives as a modern and responsive center of learning and development?

How can technology decisions be contextualised to be responsive but also academically productive and relevant for all of its stakeholders?

Leadership & Strategy

What is the overarching strategy of your organisation for digital transformation, digital teaching, and learning?

How do the goals and actions of leadership translate into actionable and supportive activities that achieve and grow digital learning capability and academic achievement across the spectrum.


How are the skills within your institution being primed and developed for a significantly changed teaching and learning environment dominated by digital transformation and competencies?

Are your educators and the structures supporting them prepared and agile enough for the rapid changes to come?

How is digital teaching and learning innovation being developed and brought into mainstream academic activities?

Budgets, Finance & Investment

How does the organisation fund, support and grow digital transformation within the teaching, learning, training, and research components of its activities?

Is your institution funding the right set of priorities and technology to ensure it can build and grow world class digital learning capabilities and skills in all of its staff and students?


The use of data and analytics to identify academic performance trends, individual learning behaviours and other activity with the aim of achieving learning success or preventing negative academic outcomes is becoming ever more possible and expected.

How is the institution using or planning the use of student digital data to develop tailored and even proactive responses to common academic performance issues with a long-term view to integrating and applying it at every level and for every learner?

& Learning

How is the organisation utilising digital technologies to promote the highest quality academic outcomes and achievement?

How is the institution aligning established pedagogical practice and online teaching theory with digital transformation and learning quality metrics to create transformed learning programmes and courses for the next generation of students, learners, workers, and researchers?


Take the Assessment

Preview how our advanced assessment methodology works with our free micro module online assessment. The preview is a small sample of some of the focus areas the full STM capability self-assessment covers and allows participants to generate a short report to review and share with colleagues either in preparation of the full, facilitated experience or as part of a motivation to engage further as an institution.


How it Works

Our Self Evaluation
Consultative Approach

Facilitated by experienced education and training consultants who have not only worked within public, private and corporate organisations, but have also been part of strategic development and implementation programmes themselves, have a keen insight into the leadership and organisational change measures required to be successful in such an undertaking.

The report generated in the introspective evaluation enables the organisation to broach and facilitate constructive discussions around benchmarks of achievement in many different disciplines conducive to effective digital education and identify where it has been successful as well those where action is required to improve or expand capability.


Outcome-Based STM Transformation Programme​

Using the STM models guiding framework, conversations and discussions are implemented to develop a comprehensive and contextualised response to aid the achievement of the institutions strategic digital education goals. A customised appraisal of an organisations strengths and areas of development, aligned with a complementary technology, skills development and resource matrix projected over a 2-4 year timeline to ensure adjustment, achievement and innovation within the STM focus areas.

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