Customised Virtual Learning Environments

Guided by your digital learning requirements, we work with you to build bespoke, dynamic digital learning solutions tailored specifically for your learners. We encourage you to tap into our years of experience with various  learning platforms and technology to find the solution that is fit for your purpose.

Our close partnership with international market leaders enables us to create highly bespoke solutions that meet global best practice and standards. These solutions are also tailored to your particular technologies, processes and budgets

From strategic design and planning, adoption and transformation, to scalability and customisation, Eiffel Corp’s experienced consultants will help you develop a winning educational technology strategy and then help you implement it. With a thoroughly tested framework for achieving success, your technology implementation will work for you, your learners and the organisation.

Digital Content Development

Learning success rests on the right mix of cutting-edge educational tools underpinned by digital technology, an effective delivery architecture, and finally, dynamic and diverse content. We have a professional team that assist clients with each step of content design and development.  Without intuitive learner-centric design, learning materials can be dull and uninspiring, resulting in  mediocre learning experiences, poor results and low adoption.

Our educationalists/instructional designers ensure that the correct instructional design processes are followed when designing world-class learning experiences.

Eiffel Corp can work with any digital learning solution to help you deliver effective knowledge construction and understanding within your learners. Our experience reaches across all levels of engagement, from instructor-led and blended courses, to self-driven learning programmes as well as Microlearning and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

We aim to create teaching resources that engage modern learners and mirror the patterns of knowledge acquisition, retention and reflection that modern technologies enable, and that the modern workplace demands.

Mobile Learning

Leveraging effective mobile tools for learning is a vital part of any successful community and knowledge development process in today’s schools, universities and businesses. The migration of training and learning onto mobile devices continues to innovate and helps to widen access to learning while at the same time fundamentally expanding what is possible in all learning spaces. Building on our expertise gained from years in the digital learning environment, we can help you keep up with your mobile and internet dependent workforce and students.

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