Strategic Consulting

Technology solutions evolve at an accelerated pace. Because of these rapid changes, learning and development leaders across all spheres of educational institutions as well as corporates need a new framework for building a successful learning landscape that meet 21st century challenges.

Eiffel Corp helps organisations meet the needs of today’s digital learning landscape. It delivers and leverages strategic, appropriate and, educationally relevant software, and facilitates the implementation, application and support of online solutions throughout Africa.

We are trusted advisors to schools, tertiary education institutions and businesses. We maximise the effectiveness of your digital learning initiatives by matching your objectives with an appropriate technology-enabled learning strategy and accompanying technical architecture.

Due to our extensive experience, portfolio of products, in-house know-how and passion for education, we are uniquely placed to provide credible and valuable advice, training, and consulting services which include the following:

  • Certified and comprehensive technical & training services.
  • Support services with in-depth resource and local know-how.
  • Consulting services from people who are fanatical about educational technology and quality
  • Cutting-edge instructional design & content development leveraging the latest trends and research

Support and Technical Services

Support Services

Eiffel Corp provides comprehensive, locally knowledgeable and resource-specific support for our full range of software and consulting solutions. All service requests are logged and tracked within our ITIL aligned support and help request escalation process.  We provide telephonic and virtual support when necessary. Our locally based technical team is fully certified to offer credible and valuable advice and will take the necessary technical action required to ensure your learning systems are always available and responsive.

Moodle services

Eiffel Corp offers certified Moodle services such as consulting, installation, support, theme design, training, courseware creation and hosting.

Training and Skills Development

Eiffel Corp believes a blended, technological driven solution to learning, with the technology acting as an enabler, is the most cost-effective way to learn in an information age where new skills and re-skilling of staff has to happen in an environment of accelerated change.

Through the application of digital technology and world class instructional design, our fully certified and experienced training services experts enable your organisation to provide a world-class leaning experience to students, staff, clients and partners.

Our training and skills development programmes align with your team’s abilities and skills and enhances them to the point of learned independence and creative application. Our experienced trainers can facilitate virtual or onsite training, for between 1 and 50 individuals.

With our professional project management approach, we assist you in integrating your institutional learner management or HR systems with your learning environment applications. Additionally, we can carry out comprehensive system optimisation and stability audits, to ensure you are getting the best possible performance out of your educational technology investments.

Learning Analytics

Eiffel Corp can assist your institution with both diagnostic and predictive learning analytics to help shape positive outcomes within your institution. Learning analytics has the potential to transform the way we measure impact and outcomes in learning environments – enabling institutions to develop new ways of achieving excellence in teaching and learning and providing students with new information to make the best choices about their education.  We can offer you both the platform as well as the services to ensure student success and boost retention rates within your institution.

Brainwayz – Preparing Minds

What is Brainwayz

Brainwayz offers complete services and programme solutions that enable the adaptation to and adoption of change.

Through a carefully custom designed process we co-create a space for people to thrive, learn and adopt and come to terms with the fact that change is constant –and ultimately to embrace change. We enable leaders to communicate better in a changing world and to move forward.

How we facilitate this

Brainwayz offers capabilities, proven methods and relevant tools to guide individuals and organisations in preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through a distinctive set of services, founded in brain science, our deeply skilled professionals support individuals both emotionally and technically to prepare for this new era.

We specialise in people effectiveness and efficiency, creating the optimal conditions to accept the idea of change. Our carefully designed and customised processes contribute to a workforce that is engaged and help your team and organisation work towards a mindset that is open new things to come.

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