Training And Technical Services.

Our fully certified and experienced technical and training services experts enable your organisation to provide a world-class leaning experience to students, staff, clients and partners through the considered application of digital technology and world class instructional design. Our training and skills development programmes align with your team’s abilities and skills, and augments them to the point of learned independence and creative application. Our experienced trainers can facilitate virtual or onsite training, for between 1 and 50 individuals.

With our professional project management approach we assist you in integrating your institutional learner management or HR systems with your learning environment applications. Additionally we can carry out comprehensive system optimisation and stability audits, to ensure you are getting the best possible performance out of your educational technology investments

Our Digital Teaching and Learning Series (DTS) comprises of 3 levels of certification, and gives your faculty the technical and pedagogical skills and knowledge they need to teach in today’s technology infused education environment. Our platform-agnostic (although powered by Blackboard), Digital Teaching and Learning Series equips faculty to teach with any learning management system according to your preferred mode of delivery from supplementary to fully online.

Support Services.

Eiffel Corp provides comprehensive, locally knowledgeable and resource specific support for our full range of software and consulting solutions. All service requests are logged and tracked within our comprehensive escalation process and we can provide anytime telephonic and virtual support when necessary. Our locally based technical team is also fully certified to offer credible and valuable advice and technical direction when needed.

Strategic Consulting.

From strategic design and planning, adoption and transformation, to scalability and customisation, experienced consultants will help you develop a winning educational technology strategy. With a thoroughly tested framework for achieving success, your technology implementation works for you, your learners and the organization.

In addition, our close partnership with international market leaders enables us to create highly customised solutions that meet global best practice and standards, whilst also being tailored to your particular matrix of technologies and processes.

The strategic decision to increase the technology enabled mode of delivery for any institution of learning is both exciting and challenging.

Exciting in the sense that the organisation will be committing to the future of learning and knowledge transfer that is rapidly changing the way students consume and engage with their learning content as well as enhanced benefits that spring from the rich interaction with their teachers, lecturers and fellow learners.

The challenges faced to achieve this vision of student success are the significant strategic, organisational & learning delivery enhancements that need to be instigated to enable this vision to evolve.

To help create this vision Eiffel Corp engages its clients in a strategy development and review programme with a long term view and which highlights a customer specific path to success in digital learning as well as set of bespoke eLearning maturity measures that the organisation can refer to during its online adaptation and development journey.

Instructional Design And Content Development.

Dynamic and diverse learning content as well as modern technology educational aids are fundamental to the success of learning, Also, equally important, is the effectiveness of your delivery architecture. Without intuitive instructional design, learning materials can be dull, uninspiring, and will lead to poor results, low adoption and uninspired learning experiences.

Populating your learning programmes with quality designed and fit for purpose content is crucial for developing and raising competency levels. Eiffel Corp has the unique ability to work with any solution, to deliver rich learning experiences to your learners, across all levels of engagement, from instructor-led and blended courses, to self-driven learning programmes and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Teaching resources should engage modern students and they should mirror the patterns of knowledge acquisition, retention and reflection that modern technologies enable.

Change Management.

After working extensively with hundreds of partners in the educational domain, Eiffel Corp has developed an entirely unique change management programme. Through the leveraging of technology, the programme is designed to empower clients to embrace new ways of thinking about and internalising change, for the benefit of their clients, customers and students.

In one seamless process, the Cultivate Programme brings together an accessible journey to direct dormant human innovation to change. It enables clients to grow beyond their current teaching and learning abilities, to a level where they are at the forefront of their field.

“Thanks so much for the dynamic and vibrant training that you offered to our staff. We certainly found a lot of value in the training and do hope that the knowledge and skills acquired will go a long way in enhancing sound academic practices and standards in the institution. Once again thank you very much for the warmth support that you rendered.”

Dr Severino Machingambi, University of Mpumalanga

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