Modo Workplace™

The no-code platform for the Workplace

Modo Workplace™ delivers the solutions your team needs at the office, all through a user-friendly platform, that enables you to drive development fast and effectively. Through aa unified management system, it helps your organisation communicate effectively and delegate across departments. The App Center brings together everything you need to launch and manage your mobile workplace app successfully.

  • Manage app content and deploy new features
  • Schedule and send communications with Modo Communicate™
  • Personalize experiences through personas, myPersona, and more
  • Use data from Modo Analyze™ to inform future enhancements

Modo Workplace™

Functional and effective

Modo Workplace™ delivers resources your employees need, whether they are office based or based remotely, or travelling. With an extensive list of modules, based on the specific needs of your office team, you can integrate the systems you already use, such as payroll, HR and even room-booking, to bring together all the information you need into one platform.

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