Summary and Highlights.

Identifies matched content, shows web and publication sources

Assists in editing processes

Protects reputations and copyrights

Easy to use: web-based interface and little to no training

Quick results: upload and examine documents in minutes

Share documents and collaborate in groups

Largest Comparison Database.

Scholarly Publishers: 

36+ MILLION scholarly articles, books and conference proceedings from nearly 80 000 scientific, technical and medical publications (as a result of CrossCheck in partnership with CrossRef.org*)

Content Partners:

92M+ MILLION online and offline subscription content items from leading aggregators, databases and content providers.


34+ BILLION archived and current web pages.

Custom Databases:

Private comparison databases can be created based on organizations’ needs and and allows for document-to-document comparison.

Comprehensive Reporting.

‘Match overview’ shows the most relevant sources found to match the document by the iThenticate algorithm or view as list of all the sources found to match the document within the system.

‘Summary’ report provides a high-level overview of matched content in the document.

‘Largest matches’ shows where the sources and text of the largest content matches in the document (only available in the text-only mode).

Effective 2013, customers have the unique benefit of viewing results in two different modes: Document Viewer and Text-Only. The Document Viewer mode displays matches within the documents original format, including images, tables and graphs. In both modes, users get a side-by-side comparison of the document to the matched sources in the database and in-depth analytics that provide visibility into content submissions and levels of originality over time.

“We are pleased to have found a tool that meets our scientific and legal needs, as well as being a good fit with our editors.”

Sarah McCormack, Editorial Manager | American Society for Nutrition

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