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We discuss pertinent topics around Technology, Education and Innovation. Given the fact that we are Fanatical about Learning, we aim to deliver realtime information about the world of education and technology.

The Blue Couch is home for current and future leaders in learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic has awarded us the opportunity to reassess what we consider the norm. What used to be life as normal and business, as usual, has been put to the test. This, however, has not just brought about health concerns, it has equally enabled us to see how we can better implement various ways of teaching, learning, and collaborating online.  Join us in this episode as we reflect on some of the key lessons we have learnt from this global pandemic.


The Digital Age has evoked both fear and excitement in most if not all of us. The myths, misconceptions, unreliable and reliable sources of data that surround us, make it is easy for one to fall into the vast majority of people who are yet to comprehend the loosely thrown terms such as AI, Machine […]