Refer a school to Staffroom and for every qualified referral, the referrer may be eligible to receive a tablet. Please see terms and conditions below for this campaign.

Existing Client Details

Referred Client Details

Terms and Conditions for Staffroom Referral Program

Users who refer are called “Referrers. Individuals who are referred are called “Referred” or “Referrals”. For every “Qualified Referral” (defined below), Referrer may be eligible to receive a reward (also defined below), provided Referrer is otherwise eligible under, and fully compliant with, these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Reward: Portable tablet computer
  2. Qualified Referrer: Someone who meets the following conditions:
    1. A client of an active account that has a paid license to Staffroom at the time the referral is made.
    2. A referrer may refer multiple qualified referees however, the referrer will be eligible to only 1 reward.
  1. Qualified Referrals:
    1. The Referred is not a member of Staffroom.
    2. The Referred must convert to a paid Staffroom license for a minimum of 12 months.
    3. If the Referred is referred by multiple Referrers, the first Referrer to submit the required information based on the date and time of the submission (as determined by Staffroom in its sole discretion) shall be the only Referrer entitled to receive the reward.

*Staffroom reserves the right to terminate these terms and conditions and this referral program at any time without notice.