As a leader in educational technology and software solutions, Eiffel Corp provides software and professional services to schools, colleges, higher education, distance learning, professional education, government and corporates. We empower our clients to build a better quality education and training experience.

Eiffel Corp develops and supports the next-generation learning environments with educational technology solutions school administration, originality checking and eLearning software.

Eiffel Corp’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will take care of your campus management, student administration, as well as your blended and adaptive learning requirements, while providing comprehensive training.

As a trusted service and solution provider, we are able to meet your institutions eLearning and campus management needs, through innovative technology, training, strategic services and content development.

Eiffel Corp’s learning technology is able to assist improve performance, growth and productivity through a range of eLearning, training and development solutions.

 Our Clients