Mind the Gap with Microlearning

Eiffel Corp is uniquely equipped to offer the following bespoke solutions:

  • Assessment of needs
  • Customised learning management platform
  • Microlearning content
  • Implementation
  • Training & advisory services

Our custom microlearning content can assist in the following areas of your business:

1. Performance Management

With changing times, performance management must evolve to be more relevant and innovative. Microlearning can play a vital role. The inherent benefit in short bursts of learning and the tools it provides make performance management more relevant, innovative, and ultimately, successful.

2.  Onboarding / Induction

Microlearning can help facilitate a faster, more effective onboarding process that engages employees at the start to ensure they stick around longer. Conquer the 4 C’s compliance, clarification, culture, and connection of onboarding with microlearning.

3.  Microlearning Content

Eiffel Corp is able to advise and develop the solution for your content as well as create custom “always – on” content specifically for your companies needs.  We use rich media, technology, and brain science to quickly capture attention and make learning stick.


Watch our video on microlearning, the tiny learning innovation with a BIG impact:


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