Level 1: Fundamentals of Digital Teaching and Learning

Course Overview

The “Fundamentals of Digital Teaching and Learning” course is the first of three courses in Eiffel Corp’s Digital Teaching and Learning series. This course provides participants with the competencies required for teaching in a blended learning or elearning environment. The course is delivered through a series of modules that are assessed and certified by Blackboard in co-operation with Eiffel Corp. Participants will be assessed and, if successful, certified by Blackboard.

Course Modules

 Day 1

  • What We Know About Learning
  • Introduction to Digital Teaching
  • Digital Teaching Approaches and the LMS

Day 2

  • Designing eLearning Content
  • Developing eLearning Content

Day 3

  • Principles of Learner Assessment and Feedback
  • Introduction to eLearning Assessments

Day 4

  • Collaborative eLearning
  • Web and Video Conferencing Fundamentals

Day 5

  • Support and Success of the Online Learner
  • Evaluation and Reflection