Microlearning meets learners where they are.

The heart of our approach is microlearning, the process of learning with small, focused chunks of content—a proven way to engage 21st century brains. From digital skills to leadership development, Grovo’s microlearning library covers every step of the student and staff member life cycle, all in videos shorter than 144 seconds. Your people won’t just see your content. They’ll learn from it.

Our platform creates an intuitive learning experience.

Training is more effective when it feels like the apps we use every day. Grovo’s user-friendly platform is easier for learners and admins: you can assign videos from our library, create your own microlearning, upload content in any format you can imagine, and manage in-person events. Grovo ties it all together beautifully.

“The biggest benefit of Grovo is that it has taught the teachers in my school to become better managers, leaders, and problem solvers – in their own time.  A teacher’s busy schedule does not always allow for time for attending a training workshop.”

Grade Head, Sunridge Primary School

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