Why Choose Blackboard Open LMS™?

We are Blackboard’s open source division. Blackboard Open LMS enhances Moodle’s open source technology and builds on its capabilities to create a better learning experience.

With an enhanced dynamic user interface and administrative tools, it is easier than ever for institutions to configure and manage their own e-learning programmes with minimal onsite technical administration.

Blackboard Open LMS provides trainers with the opportunity to flexibly shape their e-Learning programmes with only the features and functionality they desire allowing easy customisation of their content and courses.

Blackboard Open LMS is a value-based solution where all the resources invested, go directly towards the success of the learning management platform instead of costly licensing fees.

Making Open Source Easier Than Ever

Unmatched Adoption

Adoption like no other open source LMS. Our sleek, attractive interface offers the perfect solution.

Increase Interaction with Your Learners

Our clean, functional and easily accessible interface encourages increased interaction amongst users.

Optimise Workflows

Users focus on content and activities with a modular organisation, eliminating excess clicks for optimal workflows.

Responsive Design

Our design is responsive to all platforms and mobile devices.

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