Micro Lessons.
Macro Results.

Microlearning is the most effective way to train today’s teams.

Microlearning is the process of building successful behaviors through small, focused steps. At Grovo, we use a blend of bite-sized videos,
 short assessments, and real-world practice exercises to help people 
continually develop the skills and habits they need to succeed.

Microlearning is Made For How The Brain Works.

Did you know the human brain’s short-term memory can only hold roughly seven pieces of information at any given time? Consequently, our brains forget a lot—and quickly. Our microlearning method uses learning best practices like spacing, interleaving, and repetition to help the brain move information from short-term memory into long-term memory, where it can be more easily retrieved on the job.

Deliver Engaging Learning Experiences for All Your Training Needs.

Management training: Real-time training for first-time managers

Your company is growing fast—and that’s good. But to keep up, you need to make sure your individual contributors are ready to move into management roles. Grovo gives new managers actionable microlearning content right in the workflow so they can get up to speed on the job.

Onboarding: Make a first impression that lasts

Whether delivering a welcome message from your CEO, a crash course on your mission and values, or role-specific training (from our library or yours), Grovo’s intuitive platform and bite-sized microlearning content gets your workforce ramped and ready to go in record time.

Employee engagement: Less frustration, more engagement

Simply put, Grovo makes it easier for people to do their jobs—so it’s easier for them to love your company. No long, boring trainings or scavenging for learning resources. Just a one-stop shop that gives people the know-how they need, when they need it, so they can do their best work.

Digital skills: On-demand

Grovo makes it quick and painless for employees to get “how-to” training on everything from Salesforce to Slack so they can work with confidence. And when you need to upgrade or switch software, our powerful platform makes it easier than ever to roll out new training company-wide.

Over 5,000 training videos designed by experts

Written by Grovo’s instructional designers to ensure that content is effective and accurate.

Produced by Grovo’s world-class videographers, animators, and editors.

Organized intuitively, so that learners can fi nd the best content at the right time.


Benefits & compensation: payroll, health & welfare, time off.

Compliance: discrimination, safety, sexual harassment, travel & entertainment.

Security & privacy: confi dentiality, data, IT.

Digital tools

Communication: social media, office communicators, email, videoconferencing.

Gateway systems: browsers, operating systems, analytics.

Productivity: documents, calendar, file sharing/storage, project management, spreadsheets.

Soft skills

Collaboration: team communication, project collaboration/management, working remotely.

Etiquette: digital etiquette, search & research, security & privacy.

Personal management: attention management, productivity, stress management.


Performance: productivity, attention management, effective time management.

Communication: leadership, maintaining netiquette, negotiation, managing email.

Business management: fostering innovation, developing partners, managing change, building consensus.

Need something special?

Turn your training content into cutting-edge microlearning with Grovo’s Content-as-a-Service. Our in-house video producers will work with you to create microlearning content tailored to your needs.

“As digital advertising has grown and expanded, so have the demands of our clients. Grovo has not only allowed us to stay current, but actually exceed the pace of the industry. Our users absolutely love the content. Grovo has made training fun again.”

Jordana Reim, Content-as-a-Service client, Saatchi & Saatchi

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