eLearning Support Survey

eLearning Support Survey

For any modern organisation managing complex, distributed and highly efficient IT support services is challenging and requires increasing levels of specialisation and focus. The proliferation of various IT based services, the securitisation of access and data as well as the requirements of systems and applications to be present and responsive has placed a huge strain on all IT departments capabilities and resources.

Elearning and the established trend towards technology based learning delivery requires its own particular set of service support interventions. Due to the highly specialised nature of sophisticated virtual learning environments that meld technical as well as academic & teaching based approaches, organisations can no longer rely on the generalised nature of IT service desks and functions to aid in the delivery of what is fast becoming for many institutions their primary point of delivery.

By participating in this survey we would like to learn how well your institution is coping with the specialised technology based servicing and support needs of the modern eLearning student as well as the diverse needs of lecturers and academic faculty who deliver through the medium of technology. We would also like to determine what plans your institution might have in place to develop its existing support capabilities and what forms this might take.

All those who participate in the survey will be entered into a R500 Takealot voucher draw!



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