Blackboard Analytics : Educational Data In Action

Higher education is under pressure – to increase enrolment, ensure students graduate, reduce tuition and costs, consistently improve the learning experience, be accountable and transparent – among many others. These pressures are pushing colleges and universities to evolve and re-think the “way things have always been done” and to drive towards new solutions to solve these challenges. Many college and university leaders are using data analysis and visualisation to question the status quo and develop effective solutions. Achieving these insights and information requires not a single report from a single system, but rather the ability to access, share, and explore institution-wide data that can be transformed into meaningful insights at every level of the institution.

Join us for an insightful morning where we will cover the following topics:

1.    Blackboard Analytics Session, understand how Blackboard Analytics can help your institution perform with greater insight and efficiency in countless ways, throughout the organisation, these areas include:

·         Student retention

·         Strategic enrolment

·         Learner engagement

·         Fiscal success

·         Effectiveness of Institutional Research

·         IT’s ability to support the institution

2.    Influencer Session, Eiffel Corp and Blackboard are committed to being part of the solution of improving education across all sectors of South Africa, let us collaborate together and co-create solutions:

·         How can we apply technology effectively to higher education in SA?

a.    Expanding the reach of educators – using technology to find more customers, students

b.    How can eLearning and EdTech speak to the questions of access and affordability?

·         How can technology assist retention?

a.    Classroom use and interaction, faculty usage of the eLearning tools & staff member participation

b.    Developing content that supports technology

c.     Benchmarking tools for academic value and effectiveness

Join us from 9:30am to 1:30pm at one of the events nearest to you:


University of Pretoria,13 September 2016


Durban University of Technology, 14 September 2016


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