Bite-size lessons for dwindling attention spans

Bite-size lessons for dwindling attention spans

Traditional Training Finds Competition in the Bite Size Approach

We need a new way to solve for society’s shift towards hyper attention and Microlearning is the answer. Small, bite-size lessons solve for dwindling attention spans, while serving learners and trainers better than traditional training in a variety of ways. In this infographic you’ll learn:

How we’re moving into a culture of ‘hyper’ attention and what that looks like

How rapidly changing technology is affecting individual workers, businesses, and driving a massive loss to the economy

How Microlearning is changing the face of training with a 300% increase in speed of production while costing trainers 50% less

To learn more about how microlearning solves for the attention spans of an increasingly digital audience, download our infographic by clicking the button below

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