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Multimedia in Education

In this episode of The Blue Couch, we are joined our Instructional Designer, Chanel Long. She explains the purpose of Multimedia in Education, why this is paramount to enhancing your course and creating an interactive course for your student. We also discuss various tools available to us to begin this journey. If you are in […]

Digital Learning and Teaching Strategies

Is Technology Changing the Way We Learn and Teach? The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a great need for us to relook at the way we are accustomed to learning and teaching. We have now cultivated a new way of thinking, enabling us to start the integration between education and technology. In this episode, we […]

Automation – What does this mean for Education

In this episode, we discuss all things Automation and what this means for the future of education. We are joined by Professor Mzukisi from the University of Johannesburg who shares his knowledge and research findings on this broad topic. Automation in Education The Fourth Industrial Revolution has infiltrated our minds, subsequently, provoking our thoughts and […]

How to encourage Online Collaboration

Online collaboration has become a necessity in today’s world. The current pandemic has steered us into a direction that demands us to adapt and transform quickly. Working collaboratively in the online space has been the topic of every meeting for most organisations of late. The ability to integrate ‘normal’, everyday work with an online space […]

How to encourage Online Collaboration

In this episode of The Blue Couch, we are joined by Elvis Kafilongo and Chanel Long, both professionals in the field of Instructional Design and Online Course design. With years of experience, they share the importance of encouraging online collaboration.  We explore the benefits, fundamentals, and practices that come effectively creating an environment that cultivates […]

DTX Manual free download

The use of digital platforms to deliver teaching and learning is fast becoming the norm. Many instructors are adept at using personal digital devices and associated platforms. However, transferring the use of digital devices and platforms into the teaching and learning environment requires a slightly different approach. This is what this course is about. As […]