A Tool To Move Originality Forward

A Tool To Move Originality Forward

Turnitin Feedback Studio supports a learning environment where students take ownership of their ideas and produce original content, a process that prepares them to succeed academically and innovate beyond the classroom. More than 30 million students at 15,000 institutions in 140 countries use Turnitin to promote original thinking. Turnitin’s originality checking service shows instructors, and students, exactly where student content matches or mirrors others’ written work. More importantly, Turnitin empowers students to evaluate the underlying ideas and more clearly express their own.

Formerly known as Turnitin, the new version of the solution has been renamed “Turnitin Feedback Studio”.  Turnitin Feedback Studio has been reimagined from front to back with an emphasis on providing instructors tools to give relevant feedback that students will understand and learn from, while also supporting academic integrity.

Feedback Studio offers:

  • Great feedback, fast. Re-designed user interface brings plagiarism prevention, feedback, and grading into a unified view that helps educators mark faster while making it easier for students to engage with their instructors’ comments.
  • Anytime, anywhere learning. Responsive design works on PCs, tablets, and smartphones to support students and instructors wherever they are and however they work.
  • Accessibility improvements. Major upgrades make Turnitin Feedback Studio more usable by all students, moving closer to compliance with WCAG 2.0 AA Standards for web accessibility.
  • Unparalleled content coverage. Enhanced technology intelligently and rapidly crawls and indexes the most relevant and up-to-date content on the Web, including content hidden behind Javascript, expanding Turnitin’s vast content database in support of academic integrity.

Download our white paper to find out more about how teaching students to be original thinkers could ultimately assist in benefitting your economy.

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