Reach new heights with Academia ERP

Reach new heights with Academia ERP

For every minute organising, an hour is earned” said Benjamin Franklin. Every institution benefits from being organised. In fact isn’t that another word for what a university or college is – an organisation? The challenge in today’s institution is that there are so many aspects of administration to keep organised; it becomes impossible without the aid of capable technology.

For this reason Enterprise Resource Planning is a requirement to keep control of all the operations in your institution. The question is not whether you should use ERP solutions, but which one is best for you. At Eiffel Corp we are aware of the requirements that such a solution should measure up to while still being within a realistic budget. We are excited to introduce Academia ERP to institutions in our region as the platform that meets and exceeds expectation. Join us at one of our events where we showcase this crucial technology to help you reach new heights.

Be the first to experience our new world class ERP system that promises to:

Deliver the Best Under Budget Constraints

We all know South Africa’s education system is in financial crisis. Budgets are tight, Academia ERP offers you all the bells and whistles when compared to other well-known ERP systems at a fraction of the cost.

Provide First Class Service Delivery

We are all tired of the lack of service and support when it comes to our solution providers. We want to hear about your issues and see how we can meet your needs?

Prevent Duplication of Work

Current service providers that lack the ability to fully integrate with your LMS causes you to duplicate work. This wastes valuable time and resources. Academia ERP offers full integration. Saving time and money.

We are inviting you to join us for a morning to connect with your peers over breakfast with Serosoft’s CEO, Arpit Badjatya and the Eiffel Corp team.  Arpit Badjat is well-known as an edupreneur, we are sure that you will be enlightened as he speaks about ERP in Africa and showcases our fantastic new solution (developed by Serosoft) Academia ERP.

Join us on one of the days below in a city nearest to you:

7 or 8 June in Johannesburg
9 June in Durban
10 June in Cape Town

If you would like more information about the event, please contact Clare Reilly on 021 782 2993 or email her,

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