Generaal Nicolas Smit Primary School wins Gauteng ICT Education Awards

(Eiffel Corp — April 29, 2016) —

The awards’ aim is to recognize and encourage best Information & Communications Technology (ICT) practices by public schools, particularly from previously disadvantaged backgrounds across the Gauteng province.

According to Ian Light, CEO of Eiffel Corp the sponsor of the winning prize, Generaal Nicolas Smit Primary School was awarded the top prize for Best School in the forefront in the transformational use of ICT.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cignal Secure Technologies and believe the Gauteng ICT Education Awards will help create a vibrant platform for networking, information and knowledge exchange. We believe awards such as these are pivotal in raising the profile of ICT education in Gauteng as well as South Africa.” said Light.

Staffroom is an innovative and flexible school management software that reduces the burden of school administration on staff, principals and educators. Nowadays, educators and administrators are heavily burdened by official requirements, as well as challenges within communities, so our complete service that includes support, specialised technical work, on-boarding services and self-help resources aims to lighten their load,” he said.

Light added that Eiffel Corp has been accredited by the SA Council of Education to offer Grovo to schools to further develop transformation in ICT in South Africa: “Grovo, is reinventing learning and briding the digital skills gap.”

“The younger generation are so accustomed to receiving information in small bitesize chunks and this is the heart of Grovo’s microlearning system where learners receive short instructional videos and small, focused chunks of content—a proven way to engage 21st century brains,” added Light.