Eiffel Corp provides educational technology solutions to hundreds of institutions across the African continent. We are proud of our innovative and user-friendly range of products and services that support the next-generation learning environment and drive successful learner outcomes.

Flexible, affordable and user-friendly, this school administration software also comes with incredible service as standard. It is accessible anywhere and anytime, and assists schools to reduce their administrative burden, allowing them to focus on what they are meant for: teaching and learning.


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The Homework Fiasco One can hardly believe that a simple initiative like doing away with Homework can make page four of the Sunday Times and a lead article in YOU magazine.

Maintain the academic integrity of your institution and improve learner outputs with Turnitin – a worldwide pioneer in evaluating work from learners. It is an easy-to-use service with assignment checking software, plagiarism detection, online grading and peer reviews.


Teach learners the right way with Grovo. It is a skills development tool with a difference: it grows and evolves with your institution in real time. With Grovo’s 60-second instructional tutorials, your learners are engaged, inspired and empowered.

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