Eiffel Corp is proud to be a leader in the further education sector. Through our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, institutions can seamlessly take care of all campus management and student administration needs. Our solutions also cover all blended and adaptive learning requirements and comprehensive training.

There are around 2 million active Moodlerooms users, who take advantage of this virtual learning environment to achieve their learning goals. The eLearning platform has powerful enhancements that include personalised learning, advanced reporting, grading and improved course design.

Get staff or students to work smarter with on demand learning platform. It is intuitive, flexible and delivers content in a simple, bite-size video format that learners find easy to use and consume. Additionally, you get a clear view of who needs extra training, reducing administrative burden.

With online automated grading, peer review and plagiarism detection software, Turnitin is highly valuable for institutions. It provides them with a simple but effective way to easily manage the submission, tracking and evaluation of student work online.

The feature-rich Campus Management Software that is powering learning institutes around the world is Academia ERP. Academia takes over rigorous academic and learning administrative functions, allowing educational institutions to focus on delivering high quality education.

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