Why Choose Moodlerooms?

We are Blackboard’s open source division. Moodlerooms enhances Moodle’s open source technology and builds on its capabilities to create a better learning experience.

Moodlerooms has created the largest Moodle cloud in the world eliminating the need for costly dedicated hardware.

With an enhanced dynamic user interface and administrative tools, it is easier than ever for institutions to configure and manage their own e-learning programmes with minimal onsite technical administration.

Moodlerooms provides trainers with the opportunity to flexibly shape their e-Learning programmes with only the features and functionality they desire allowing easy customisation of their content and courses.

Moodlerooms is a value-based solution where all the resources invested, go directly towards the success of the learning management platform instead of costly licensing fees.

Moodlerooms enhances Moodle in areas such as:

easily create attractive, intuitive interfaces that reflect organisational and departmental brands

create better courses, faster

add engagement, interaction and feedback to learner activities that run automatically

save time, improve accuracy and feedback

for managers, administrators, course designers & trainers – use data to support decision-making

PLUS a range of professional services, featuring E-Learning Administrator (ELAs), including consultancy, implementation, custom programming and support to ensure you can successfully personalize your courses and deliver dynamic content that fits the needs of each trainee.

Personalised Learning Designer

Allows you to have a real impact on user engagement and retention. You can embed rules within your courses that interact with trainees based on their actions. This can be as simple as welcoming and directing a user to the first key activity or as sophisticated as creating dynamic personalised pathways through courses based on user activity and results.

Moodlerooms Grader

Streamlined workflows and maximized on-screen space allows you to tab between trainees or submissions giving you access to assignments, checklists and rubrics, and communication tools simultaneously.

X-Ray Analytics

Provides insights on past behaviors and statistically based predictions of likely future behaviors and outcomes of users at course, cross-course and institutional levels. It also identifies at-risk trainees before it’s too late.

Advanced Forums

Moodlerooms makes Moodle forums more usable, and turns them into a real teaching and learning tool. You can subscribe and receive email postings related to single topics rather than an entire forum, and mark user contributions to forums.

Assessment Reports

Moodlerooms unlocks all the hidden data within Moodle and makes it available to tutors and managers. Detailed reports can be tailored by date ranges, groups, learners, activities, and much more. Report types include: course, comparison, correlation and exception reports.

Express Designer

Create modern, branded user interfaces that fit in with your branding. Once created, an Express design can be adjusted from a control panel without PHP/CSS expertise, and you can delegate control so that departments or individual courses can have variations on the main theme.

Deliver better Moodle experiences to trainers, administrators and managers on the world’s largest Moodle cloud; providing best-in-class security, reliability and scalability along with a range of valuable functional enhancements

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