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How to prepare students for the 21st Century workplace

In 2018, we can safely say we are no longer on the brink of a technological revolution, but part of it. Known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this is the new industrial era where technologies fuse to blur the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres. What this means for the future of today’s’ […]

Key benefits of a cloud-based SIS 

Deciding on a Student Information System is no small feat. While it can change management processes for the better, there are various factors to take into consideration. The system helps institutions manage student data – from registering students to documenting grading and assessments and communicating across the board. The system also provides a central point where […]

Cultural diversity and online learning

South Africa is home to a diversity of cultures and languages. It is this heritage that creates both the richness and complexity within our country. With 11 official languages, the Education sector is greatly influenced by our diversity. Our cultures influence the patterns of education. But with such a massive range of cultures, the question […]

Staffroom: Making life a little easier for those who inspire

“There is nothing wrong, with getting it wrong…you learn so much more through the process.” Wendy Horn, Global Teacher Prize Nominee 2018  Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms. Many of us would agree that we had that one teacher who influenced us to set life goals and achieve our best. That one teacher who made us pursue our tertiary studies or […]

Student Information Systems: Simple solutions to complex problems 

Student Information Systems: Offering simple solutions to complex problems  The birth of the Internet set the course for the technological advances that we see unfolding today. Not only has technology leapt in development, it is also completely intermingled with every practicality of our lives. It is therefore not surprising that these changes have had an […]

Celebrating women in Education: Clare Reilly  South Africa celebrated its first National Women’s Day in 1995. This day was declared a holiday as part of the remembrance of all women who united as one voice on 9 August 1956. Their motivation? To protest the norm, to speak up against injustice and to show the power of joining […]

Education: one of the most powerful weapons to change the world

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela The Oxford Dictionary defines Education as, “The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.” As a noun, it is described as, “a body of knowledge acquired while being educated.” So in essence Education involves […]

The Impact Of Technology On Education In Rural SA

THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON EDUCATION IN RURAL SA South Africa’s education system faces many challenges. This is true especially for our rural areas, where basic infrastructure is often lacking and combined with socio-economic circumstances, these remotely based learning institutions are kept at a disadvantage. While access to information and communication technology may often be […]